Scholarship Award Criteria

Annual General Scholarship Application

1. Qualification of applicants:

  • Applicant must be an RN
  • Applicant must be a current member of ONS and SEVONS

 2. Point requirements:

  • Must maintain a minimum of 30 points to qualify for one $250.00 scholarship for each spring and fall.
  • Points must attained within two years prior to application date.

 3. Scholarship Awards may be used to finance:

  • Tuition for successfully completed college course geared toward degree completion or refresher course to be completed in that scholarship year.
    1. Proof of completion required via report card
    2. Award may be repayment of reimbursement, per recipient’s choice. If request of prepayment is made, checks will be made out to the educational institution.
    3. Scholarship may be applied to the purchase of class-required textbooks.
  • Attendance to educational seminars or conferences related to oncology or nursing in general to be attended in that scholarship year.
    1. Proof of attendance to be verified by:

                    A)  Recipient of CEU (copy of certificate)

                    B)  Submission of seminar flyer/ONS signature

  • May request scholarship to help pay for travel to conference, lodging, or text required for seminar (Copy of receipts required)
  • Purchase of oncology related textbooks/journals to be purchased in that scholarship year (Copy of receipt or canceled check is required.)


4. Application process:

Individual is responsible for keeping track of own points. Please verify that you sign in at the meetings. Point list should specify committees and dates of activities. Be able to provide proof of activity if requested. Persons with most points will receive scholarship.

Submit a 150 word typed essay with your point list, stating how you plan to use the scholarship and how it will make you a better oncology nurse. The scholarship committee will make a final decision on the scholarship recipient; in the event of a tie in acquired points, will use the essay as the deciding factor in the award judgment.

Submit your point list and essay to the scholarship committee post marked by the scheduled SEVONS February meeting for the Spring scholarship award, and September meeting for the Fall scholarship award ( decisions of scholarship recipient will be announced in March and October meetings).

Actual monies will be dispersed upon presentation of receipt.

Scholarship monies must be used within one year of award date

If you have received the scholarship within the last year, other applicants will be considered prior to your application

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